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When we experience emotional difficulties in our lives, or trauma, we can sometimes turn to addictive / compulsive behaviours as a way of managing these emotional difficulties.

These addictive / compulsive behaviours could include alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, binge / purge issues with food, gambling addiction, or various other compulsive behaviours.

In order to regain control over these addictive / compulsive ways of managing we may need to first understand when these behaviours started, what was happening at the time, and what emotional difficulties may underpin these 'ways of coping'.

This can be achieved through Addiction Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based CBT, or various other evidenced based Psychological Interventions.

If you need help with Addiction, whether it be Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction, Anorexia (controlled food intake), Bulimia (binging / vomiting), Gambling addiction, or any other compulsive problematic behaviour, then call me, or email with the details below.